To register and login to the webpage.

To view the site properly please use FIREFOX or CHROME or BING browsers.

In the URL type and press  ENTER

The Tygerberg Eisteddfod front page will open.

Please NOTE you will be able to browse the site but you cannot  create forms, book events, or view the syllabus unless you login as a user to the site.


Click the Register button on the HOME page if you are NOT registered. This will open a form which will show blank fields which you must fill in and submit. An email will be sent to you giving your login and a password.  You can change this password if you wish. Please keep to the rules to make a STRONG password. Please write down this info as you will need it to LOGIN.


To Login , click the Login  button on the home page.  A box will open asking you to enter Login and password. Please use your email as a user name and your password.

If you have NOT registered with the site please click “REGISTER



To re set your password, click the “Lost password”  words on the LOGIN screen. A form will open asking you for your email address. Enter your school email address and submit….This will send you an email with a link similar to this…..

< Login>

Click this link will open your browser with a password change request.

A new box will appear asking you to enter your new password. NOTE the system will try to  generate a strong password for you ,  If you use a your own password,  please use a combination as specified, write it down.

If the system wont accept your password then it is NOT a STRONG password and you need to create one. It will show you when your password is STRONG. ( this is to prevent hackers)

This will return you to the login page, Enter your User Name or e mail address and new password , click the remember me box. click the I AM NOT A ROBOT tag and Log in.

The site will remember you login details and allow you to enter each time with no more Logins. It now know who you are,!!!!

If you ever lose your password or can’t remember it then click “Lost your password “ on the login screen and create a new one.

It looks long winded but its quite simple once you know how to register and is the standard now used worldwide to enter protected sites. It only has to be done once and is there to protect your information and protect the site from spammers.

You can now use your login and password to get any PC or cell phone to login to the site with your details.



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