How to Affiliate


a)   Click on FORMS and select affiliation form for school or private organisation.

b)   Type the name of the school in the area: School Name or the private organisation’s name

c)    Select the type of school. You will have an option between Public or Private

d)   Type the Address

e)   Type the Postal code

f)    Type the Phone number

g)   Type the Fax number

h)   Type the Liaison educator’s: Name and Surname

i)     Type the E-mail address

j)    Type the cell number (very important)

k)   Type the Dance educator’s name and cell number; if any

l)     Type the E-mail address

m)  Type the cell number

n)   Scroll down to SECTION. This is very important and must be completed

o)   AFFILIATION – click on the arrows (right) where you will find all the different options and prices.  Select what you want to do, e.g. order the SYLLABUS

p)   NUMBER OF AFFILIATIONS means how many of the particular item you would like to order – e.g. 1 or 2 syllabi –  if you want to affiliate twice (you can enter 8 learners instead of 4) you have to type the number 2 instead of 1 if this is the case.

q)   The sub total will appear automatically.

You now also have the option to complete your entire order immediately by using the ADD button.  Once you have placed the order for the syllabus (as indicated in paragraphs (o) and (p) above, you can click on ADD and execute the other options as listed under AFFILIATION, in the same way.

r)   Once you have completed your affiliation, click on SUBMIT.  The administrative manager will now receive the form via e-mail and you will also have the option to print a copy for your own purposes.


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