How to Affiliate


Remember you have to Affiliate and pay on-line before you are able to submit Entry Forms.

a)   Click on FORMS and select affiliation form for school or private organisation.

b) Select your type of affiliation…< or > 500 learners

c) select the number of affiliations and “ADD to BASKET”

d) select ” SPONSOR” page if you with to sponsor pages(optional)

e) select number of pages and “ADD to BASKET”

f) click ” View Basket” to see what you have ordered.

g) click “Proceed to Checkout” when you happy.( remember you can edit and delete items in your basket to make changes)

h)  The checkout page will appear.

i)    Select the type of school. You will have an option between Primary, High, College or Private

j)  Enter the order DATE

k)   Type the name of the school in the area: School Name or the private organisation’s name

l)   Type the Address

m)   Type the Postal code

n)   Type the Liaison educator’s: Name and Surname

o)     Type the E-mail address

p)    Type the cell number (very important)

q)    click  “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions

r)     click ” Continue with payment”

s)   A popup will appear allowing you to select your BANK.

t)  Fill in the order amount to pay and SUBMIT.

u) once paid you will receive confirmation by email and you will also have the option to print a copy for your own purposes.

u)  the administrative manager will now also receive the affiliation form via e-mail and your school in now affiliated…

v) the system will now allow Entry Forms.


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